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This new page/feature is still being tested, so please be cautious when evaluating the results.

Compare multiple rent and buy scenarios.

Scenario 1

After 5 years

Rent Calculation 1

You start with £30,000* as your investment capital, and it grows to £38,501, which is an increase of £8,501.

In addition, you also invested £100 per month, which grew to £6,801 after 5 years, which is an increase of £801.

In total, your investments increased to £15,301.

During this time, you paid £19,892 in rent and spent £100 on your agency fee, but got £300 back from your initial deposit.

Overall, you come out at -£4,391.

*The initial investment capital is not included, because we are calculating the net increase/decrease for both scenarios.

Renting for 5 years:

Scenario 2

After 5 years

Buy Calculation 1

You bought your property for £300,000 and sold it for £315,303 after 5 years.

During that time, you paid £68,664 in mortgage payments. £24,884 was interest, and you paid off £43,781 from the £270,000 mortgage principle, meaning you still owed the bank £226,219 at the time of selling.

Therefore, from the £315,303 sale money, £226,219 goes to the bank for your mortgage.

So, you actually received £89,084 from the sale.

Now, let’s go through the expenses:

  • £68,664 in mortgage payments.
  • £15,000 for maintenance and repairs over 5 years.
  • £6,000 in buying and selling costs.

That leaves you with -£581.

But wait, there's also the £30,000 deposit, if you take that into account too, then overall you’ve lost -£30,581.

Buying after 5 years: