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Smart Money Tools is a website with tools and calculators to help users make smart money decisions.

How it started

I created this website because I am a frequent visitor to the subreddit r/UKPersonalFinance on Reddit, and I noticed there are certain topics that come up fairly often e.g. is it better to rent or buy?

I would often think "there must be a tool or calculator that can help", but unfortunately there were not many, or they would often be US-centric, or not intuitive to use. That led me to create Smart Money Tools.

User experience first

When I see online calculators, they usually look quite boring, as if someone just took a spreadsheet and uploaded it. Or they are difficult to use and understand if you're not familiar with the subject.

My goal with Smart Money Tools is to provide free tools that put the user experience first, making them simple to use and comprehend.